Mobile commerce is thriving in India

Amazon India reports impressive results from the mobile space

Mobile commerce is expected to become a powerful force in India within the next few years. Amazon India sees high hopes for mobile shopping in the country, suggesting that the mobile space will contribute as much as 70% of the company’s total revenue. As more consumers throughout India gain access to mobile devices, they are beginning to use these devices to shop online. It is estimated that more people in India access the Internet from their mobile devices than their personal computers.

Smartphone penetration is leading to a growing population of mobile shoppers

Growing smartphone penetration has lead to more people looking into the concept of mobile commerce. These consumers have shown an interest in the convenience that mobile shopping represents and are flocking to sites like Amazon and eBay to shop online. Amazon India notes that 40% of its current online traffic comes from mobile consumers. This percentage is expected to grow as more people rely on their smartphones when shopping online.

Snapdeal also finds success in engaging the mobile space

amazon - India Mobile CommerceAmazon India is not the only company finding success in the mobile space. Snapdeal, one of India’s leading online retailers has also begun to focus on mobile commerce. Approximately 60% of Snapdeal’s orders are being made through mobile devices, according to the company. Within the next year, the company anticipates that 75% of its orders will come from mobile devices. Mobile shopping is expected to grow exponentially over the coming months due to the wide variety of mobile-centric services that retailers are beginning to offer.

Consumers are interested in shopping online with their mobile devices

Consumers have been showing enthusiasm for the idea of shopping online with a mobile device. The demand for in-store mobile payment support has also been on the rise, but retailers may be slower to embrace this idea than those that are based in the digital space. Retailers focusing on the mobile sector in India have managed to find significant success, and may opt to broaden their focus on mobile consumers in the future.

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