Mobile commerce boosted by “What’s Hot” at Deb Shops

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The retailer saw a boost in its revenue by 170 percent following the addition of this site feature.

A new “What’s Hot” feature on the Deb Shops website is proving to be extremely successful in mobile commerce as using the button shows which products are trending on Facebook and Pinterest.

For many teens, knowing which types of clothing are hot and which ones are not are an important priority.

When Deb Shops took that into account by adding the “What’s Hot” button on its mobile commerce website, it made a considerable impact on its revenues. In fact, according to David Cost, the company’s president of e-commerce and digital marketing, when compared to the shoppers who do not use that button, those who do use it are 20 percent more likely to place an item into their shopping carts. This has brought about an increase in revenue by 170 percent.

This has been an extremely meaningful mobile commerce strategy for the retailer.

Mobile Commerce - Deb ShopsCost explained that “For a retailer like us that has a very broad product offering, to get customers quickly to relevant products is important, especially on a mobile device.” The retailer currently has over 30,000 products available for sale in its catalog online, and over mobile commerce.

Deb Shops first opened its mobile commerce website in April 2012, added Cost. Since that time, the traffic from smartphone users has exploded. By the end of 2011, it was making up 15 percent of the total web traffic to the site. A year after that, it had grown to 40 percent. Today, it has reached over 50 percent of the site’s traffic.

This convinced the retailer to redesign its mobile commerce website, placing a greater focus on improvements to the navigation and search features of the site. BloomReach Corp was the technology chosen by the retailer for this purpose. That company provides online hosted software that draws all of the information about the products that are being posted and talked about by consumers over Facebook and Pinterest from Deb Shops and posts it for shoppers to be able to view for themselves.

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