LevelUp and NCR form new mobile payments partnership

Mobile payments may benefit from new partnership

LevelUp, a mobile payments company, has partnered with NCR, a leading supplier of point-of-sale software in the U.S. Together, the two companies will focus on spreading mobile payments throughout the U.S. and getting consumers more comfortable with the concept of using their smartphones and tablets to pay for products. Mobile commerce has been growing more common in the U.S., but many consumers are still leery as there are many security concerns that surround the subject. LevelUp, along with NCR, hopes to placate these concerns by providing consumers with a comprehensive mobile payments platform.

LevelUp continues to generate hype in mobile commerce

LevelUp has managed to generate some hype in the world of mobile commerce, especially in the retail sector.  The company offers its own mobile payments application, which can be used by consumers to make purchases from a mobile device. It also offers a platform designed for retailers who are interested in reaching out to mobile consumers, providing them with a way to facilitate mobile payments. This platform leverages the universal usability of QR codes to help make mobile payments more available to a wider range of consumers. Near the end of 2012, more than 500,000 people were making use of the LevelUp application alone.

NCR contact may prove beneficial for LevelUpMobile Payments partnership

NCR has an extensive network of connections in the retail sector as well as the food industry. The company specializes in designing point-of-sale systems and has taken note of the rise in demand for mobile commerce systems in recent years. NCR is working to meet the needs of its clients by putting more focus on supporting mobile payments. LevelUp is expected to benefit from its new partner’s extensive access to businesses in the retail sector.

Companies look toward food industry

LevelUp is not only focused on the retail sector, of course, and has interests in the restaurant business as well. LevelUp believes that mobile payments can be especially successful in restaurants that work to cater to mobile consumers. As such, the company has been working to break new ground in this sector and grow more appealing to those in the food industry. NCR is expected to aid in this endeavor as it has connections to the food industry.

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