Komercni Banka uses QR codes to expand mobile commerce in Czech Republic


QR Codes Komercni BankaKomercni Banka eyes QR codes for new mobile commerce services

Komercni Banka, a leading financial institution in the Czech Republic, has launched a new direct banking service that offers some mobile commerce capabilities to mobile consumers. Unlike other mobile commerce services that revolve largely around the use of NFC technology, Komercni Banka has chosen QR codes as a platform for this new initiative. QR codes are most often used in marketing, but have proven capable of powering mobile commerce in recent months. The financial group believes that QR codes are ideally suited to meet the needs of Czech mobile consumers.

Codes begin breaking away from advertising

QR codes are beginning to break away from the field of mobile marketing, where they have been used extensively over the past years. The codes have shown that they can be powerful engagement tools, but have seen limited use in the field of mobile commerce. Retail companies like the United Kingdom’s Tesco have used the codes in the past for virtual “pop-up” stores, where consumers could scan  the codes to purchase products that were later mailed to their homes.


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Consumers can use mobile platforms to make payments

Komercni Banka customers will be able to make payments using QR codes generated by the financial institutions. The codes can be scanned using a generic QR code scanning application or the Mobilni Banka 2 platform developed by the financial group. Users of the bank’s platform will be able to use QR codes to pay bills and issue payments to any company they choose. The new service may be well received among the growing number of mobile consumers in the Czech Republic.

QR codes may be a viable alternative to NFC technology

Mobile commerce continues to  gain momentum around the world, especially where mobile technology penetration is high. Most mobile commerce initiatives rely heavily on NFC technology, which is still rare amongst mobile devices. In order to make mobile commerce more inclusive to a wider range of consumers, organizations like Komercni Banka have been adopting alternatives, like QR codes, which have proven somewhat effective in the past.

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