Innovation in mobile commerce showcased at CES 2016

MasterCard and Samsung team to bring new mobile commerce services to consumers

Several organizations involved in the mobile commerce space have begun showing off their new projects at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. These companies have been showcasing innovative products that may revolutionize the mobile commerce space. MasterCard is one of these companies, which has introduced a new mobile application that will allow consumers to order food and groceries from their refrigerator. MasterCard has partnered with Samsung to make this possible.

Groceries by MasterCard brings a new twist to the mobile shopping space

The new app is called Groceries by MasterCard and can be used by those with a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. Using the app, consumers will be able to place orders for food and groceries, which can be either delivered to their homes or can be picked up at a local store. MasterCard and Samsung are not the only companies bringing innovation to the mobile commerce space, of course, as Huawei, an electronics company based in China, has also introduced new mobile devices that could make mobile commerce more convenient.


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Huawei introduces new phones that offer better security features and extended battery life

Mobile Commerce - Samsung & MasterCard partnershipLast year, Huawei, which is the third largest maker of smartphones in the world, introduced a smartphone with a battery system that can be used to power other devices. This year, the company has introduced two new phones, which can last longer than two days of uninterrupted performance before needing to be charged. The phones also include fingerprint scanners, which will allow consumers to protect their sensitive information more easily. This could be a boon for those interested in mobile commerce, as these devices will protect financial information.

Mobile commerce is growing aggressively in China

Mobile commerce is growing quickly throughout the world, but Asia is seeing the most significant growth. China, in particular, is becoming one of the world’s leading mobile commerce markets, especially as more consumers gain access to smartphones that provide convenient services. Innovation in the mobile commerce space is likely to encourage consumers to use their mobile devices to get their shopping done more frequently.

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