Havok aims to make mobile games more flexible

mobile games new generationMobile games may enter a new generation with new engine from Havok

Havok, a popular software developer in the game industry and subsidiary of the Intel Corporation, recently unveiled its new Project Anarchy game engine. The engine is designed to be a powerful development solution for small and independent teams that are interested in mobile games. Havok claims that the Project Anarchy engine will be capable of bringing high quality 3D games to mobile platforms for the first time. The company is now focusing on making the engine more flexible in order to accommodate various kinds of game developers.

Havok sets sights on flexibility

Havok believes that flexibility may be the key to success for mobile games based on the Project Anarchy engine. Many developers have begun to seek out new talent in their bids to enter into the mobile games space. Several of these developers have been putting more focus on 3D mobile games based on HTML5 engines. The C++ language has long been the standard of the game industry as a whole, but the advent of mobile games had lead to more flexibility in the programming space. Havok believes that this flexibility could be beneficial for the Project Anarchy engine.


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Engine may appeal to broader range of programmers

Not only is the engine being designed to help developers focus more on high quality mobile games; it is also being designed to be more attractive to a broader range of programmers. As such, Havok believes that the engine will appeal more to the game industry as a whole rather than a particular demographic of developers that are focused on a singular programming language.

Game market continues to show strong lean toward mobile games

Havok claims to be responding to emerging trends in the gaming market. The industry has been showing signs of becoming increasingly mobile over the past few years. As such, developers are beginning to value tools designed specifically for the mobile space. The Project Anarchy engine may be able to accommodate the needs of these developers and bring a new level of quality to mobile games. As quality increases, so too do the prospects of generating more revenue through mobile gaming.

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