Groupon continues expansion into mobile commerce sector

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Mobile commerce has become a major interest for Groupon

Daily deals provider Groupon has been showing a strong interest in mobile commerce recently. The company specializes in providing consumers with special offers that come from retailers, restaurants, and other such businesses. The deals and coupons are meant to entice consumers, but Groupon had primarily been focused on those using stationary computers in the past. As mobile commerce becomes a more prominent part of society, the company is beginning to put more focus on the mobile sector.

Groupon acquires Ticket Monster

Groupon has been making an effort to establish a strong presence in the competitive mobile commerce field in recent months. The company has now made a bold move on this front with its acquisition of South Korea’s Ticket Monster, which is a daily deals provider similar to Groupon. Ticket Monster represents more than $800 million in annualized billings, much of which comes from mobile commerce. South Korea has become a hub of activity as far as mobile commerce is concerned, largely due to the high smartphone penetration seen throughout the country. The experience that Ticket Monster has gleaned in the market may help Groupon develop a stronger foothold in the mobile sector.

Consumers are becoming more mobile

Mobile Commerce - Groupon ExpandingE-commerce remains a strong interest with many consumers, but more people are opting to shop via their mobile devices rather than stationary computers. Smartphones and tablets allow for a more convenient shopping experience, especially for those that travel frequently. Even those that do not travel are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop rather than visit physical stores. It is for this reason that retailers are beginning to take mobile commerce more seriously, with some going so far as to develop their own mobile payments platforms.

Competition in high in the mobile commerce space

Groupon may confront difficulty with its plans to expand into the mobile sector. Mobile commerce is awash with a wide variety of start-ups that are seeking to gain the attention of consumers. Several large technology, telecommunications, and financial service firms have also entered into the mobile commerce arena, increasing the competition that exists within this sector significantly.

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