Geolocation has literally become a work of art

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Two photographers have taken the mobile technology to a new level and created a fascinating exhibition.

Two photographers, named Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman, have joined efforts to create a photographic exhibition that they have entitled “Geolocation” due to the use of this form of mobile technology as they pursued public tweets and snapped images of the places where they took place.

In a unique and modern form of capturing the moment, this new style has drawn considerable attention.

The geolocation project is ongoing, as the artists continue their efforts to match moments with the places in which they occurred. The two photographers create the pieces by scanning through Twitter for messages that consist only of text, but that also include their location data. The next step is to actually travel to the precise spot that they feel that the tweet originated.

Once they find the place, the geolocation photograph is taken in order to provide a visual for the Tweet.

The result is a fascinating combination of everything from curious to clever and from sweet and touching to haunting and bizarre. Once the artists use the geolocation technology from the chosen tweet, it will usually take them a week or two to actually reach the precise spot. That said, there have been times that they have been able to find the place and take their photograph of the situation within an hour of having chosen the tweet that inspired it.

These contemporary artists make their best efforts to use the latest in geolocation to help to capture the situations that are generating the messages that are being publicly tweeted.

One picture, taken of the front of an auto parts and service shop came with the tweet caption “Cars are nothing but money pigs #hateit #waitingsucks #impoor”. Another shot of a car in a hotel parking lot that is otherwise mostly empty was captioned “Tell me I’m not making a mistake. Tell me you’re worth the wait.”

The photographers have already traveled in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada using geolocation technology and the social network posts. They hope that they will also be able to add the Middle East, Russia, South Korea, and Kosovo to their list.

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