Facebook takes a step toward mobile commerce

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Facebook introduces new feature that may promote social commerce among its users

Facebook has been working to successfully monetize itself in recent years, and a focus solely on marketing is not doing the trick. While Facebook has become a very prominent and attractive platforms for advertisers, mobile commerce could soon become a very powerful revenue stream. In order to engage its massive mobile audience, Facebook has begun testing a new “Buy” service in order to promote social commerce.

Social commerce continues to grow in prominence as mobile consumers become a dominant demographic

Social commerce has become a very popular aspect of mobile shopping. Social media platforms, like Facebook, are beginning to make shopping online a primarily social experience. Shoppers can easily share the products that they find online with their contacts on various media platforms. This sharing increases product exposure, and social commerce has begun a viable way to passively market products by having consumers share their finds in an easy manner.

Mobile commerce could represent a significant revenue stream for Facebook

Mobile Commerce - FacebookFacebook is expected to account for 7.8% of digital ad spending this year. While Facebook is a prominent advertising platform, it believes that mobile commerce will have a more profound impact on its revenue stream in the coming years. The Buy service that the company is testing is the first step in establishing a more prominent presence in the mobile commerce space. As one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Facebook may be able to make social commerce a more mainstream concept.

Buy service will be available to a limited number of users until it proves it can be successful

The Buy service will allow Facebook users to quickly purchase products that they find through the social media platform. A Buy button will appear at the bottom of sponsored advertisements, and this button can be clicked to initiate a purchase. The new service may be particularly popular among mobile users because of its convenient design. The button will only show up for a limited number of Facebook users, but if it is successful, the social media company plans to expand its availability in the coming months.

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