Canadian smartphone trends show owners using their devices for more purposes

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A recent survey has shown that people in Canada love their mobile devices.

According to the results that have been published from a recent Canadian smartphone trends survey, owners of these devices have been using them to do everything from checking the weather, completing their banking tasks, and even ringing in the New Year.

Almost half of the people in that country feel that virtual communication will replace interactions in person.

The survey was conducted online by Ipsos and it focused on Canadian mobile trends, as well as those from 26 other countries around the globe. It asked 19,000 respondents about the apps that they use the most frequently. When it came to the applications that were most often used in Canada, 47 percent said that they had weather forecasts at the very top of their usage list.

These Canadian smartphone trends didn’t come as much of a surprise to many people.

Canadian Smartphone Trends - Wheather appAs people in that country are often focused on discussing – or complaining about – the weather, and as the Christmas season saw a massive ice storm blanketing the center and eastern portion of the country, it is no mystery as to why many people would be looking to those applications the most frequently, particularly over the last little while.

At the opposite end of the scale, device users in Saudi Arabia used weather apps the least frequently, said the survey. Though people in Canada did prefer those applications, it was the people in South Africa who used them the most frequently, as 56 percent used them on a regular basis. The report also indicated that people with a higher income appear to use weather apps the most frequently.

Another poll, also performed by Ipsos, suggested that the U.S. is the largest downloader of gaming and music apps for both tablets and for smartphones. When it came to weather applications, they were third most used.

The Ipsos research also pointed out the Canadian smartphone trends in which 33 percent of device users in that country use their banking apps more than music, fitness, travel and news. Among the participants, 42 percent said that they didn’t use any of the apps within the 8 categories defined by the survey.

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