Call for expansion of mobile commerce goes out to the MENA region

Mobile Commerce MENA RegionMobile commerce demand growing in Middle East and North Africa

Mobile commerce is growing in demand in the Middle East and North Africa region, often known as MENA, as more consumers get their hands on smart phones and tablets. These consumers are calling for new ways to purchase products online using only their mobile devices. Thus far, interest from the regimeaon’s telecommunications and retail companies has been limited, with some companies suggesting that they see only modest potential for success. Mobile commerce experts are suggesting that these companies could be missing out on significant opportunities.

Mobile payments may be the future of personal financial transactions

Mobile commerce specialists consider mobile payments as the future of personal financial transactions throughout the world. More consumers are making use of smart phones and tablets, using these devices to shop online and make purchases. Outside of the MENA region, mobile commerce has seen major success in the retail sector, with much of this success being found in Asian markets. The growing popularity of NFC technology is also driving interest in mobile commerce, despite some of the security concerns that have been raised about the technology in recent months.

Benefits of mobile commerce have yet to be shown in MENA region

Retailers in the MENA region have shown some interest in mobile commerce, but many have found it difficult to engage mobile consumers due to the limited support mobile commerce has received from the region’s telecommunications giants. Making mobile payments possible for a wide range of consumers has, thus far, been a difficult task in the MENA region as it requires telecommunications companies to expand and update their mobile service networks. Such updates are both expensive and time consuming and some companies have not yet been convinced of the gains they could see through an aggressive adoption of mobile commerce.

Pilot projects help raise awareness

There are several mobile commerce pilot projects currently taking place throughout the MENA region. Some of these projects have found success with consumers and retailers on a small scale. Many of these pilot projects are designed to raise awareness of mobile commerce rather than produce significant gains for retailers and telecommunications companies.

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