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Secure Trading / Partner with AEVI to Drive Vendor-Agnostic POS and Omnichannel Solutions

London, United Kingdom, February 05, 2019 –(– Secure Trading / have announced today the extension of their complementary cloud-based payment gateway (Secure Trading) and next generation acquiring solution (, thanks to the addition of AEVI’s vendor-agnostic payment app, and smart point-of-sale solution. The partnership will allow Secure Trading / to offer omnichannel point-of-sale solutions, powering payments for merchants and partners by leveraging SmartPOS, MPOS, Unattended, Internet of Things (IOT), and new payment form factors.

AEVI was selected for this important collaboration due to the spread, depth and maturity of their card-present solutions across Europe and the US. Its open and vendor-agnostic platform offers Secure Trading unprecedented flexibility and choice when adapting to future merchant needs.

Jonathan O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer of Secure Trading / said: “Our forward-thinking and flexible omnichannel solution, in partnership with AEVI, helps our partners and clients to rapidly adapt to changes in their payment landscapes. Our vision is to deliver product innovation and vendor-agnostic POS, serving retail, hospitality and hotels, in addition to emerging markets such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, all supported by our centre of excellence based in Malta.

“Secure Trading will initially use AEVI’s Digital Service Centre to provide stand-alone EMV payments for their customers, in addition to semi-integrated solutions for key client verticals. A single platform for merchant boarding and reporting will form the foundation of our market solution. Our key focus is on client simplicity for our omnichannel, go-to-market solutions,” O’Connor added.

SVP of Global Sales at AEVI, Nigel Bidmead, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Secure Trading as their partner to step into the next generation of acquiring. The in-store point of sale environment increasingly leverages digital data to improve customer experiences by becoming an integral point of interaction. This partnership will be at the forefront of this innovation.”

Notes for the Editor:

About Secure Trading Group
Secure Trading, and Secure Trading USA form Secure Trading Group, which provides intelligent payment gateway and merchant acquiring solutions across a number of verticals. The group’s specialised approach to global, online and omnichannel payments is transforming the way that customers and partners interact. All three have their own unique identity, yet collaborate creatively to provide first-class solutions, exclusively tailored to the needs of our clients. The defining traits that unite the three companies are vast future-proof product portfolios, international offering, specialist expertise, and pro-active relationships with partners and clients. We have a strong internal team culture of client and partner first. Powering Payments…Powering Commerce.

About AEVI
AEVI lays the foundation for next-generation acquiring by empowering merchant solution providers to move and manage their classic payments proposition into a new value-added world of apps, payments and smart devices. By subscribing to AEVI´s Digital Service Center, a vendor-agnostic and open platform, merchant solution providers can access a one-stop-shop to pick & mix solutions for any stage of their Digital Strategies.

AEVI combines the talent and resources of Merchant Solution Providers, App Publishers and Device Vendors in an open, collaborative ecosystem unrestricted by devices, currencies, borders or regulations, providing unprecedented flexibility and choice. AEVI simplifies the complex payment landscape with a single integration for merchant solution providers resulting in acquisition of new merchants, increased retention of existing customers, cost savings, and generation of new revenue streams.

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Ulzi Delivers the World’s First Social Safety App, Driven by Connecting Communities

San Luis Obispo, CA, February 04, 2019 –(– Ulzi, a software company, announced today the much anticipated launch of their social safety network app set for February 7th, 2019. Ulzi aims to fill the market need for individuals that might face or are facing awkward dilemmas, uncomfortable moments and yes, even potentially dangerous situations, such as loved ones dealing with domestic violence or family members with chronic illness, such as dementia. Ulzi will also be releasing a notification system in 2019 to assist communities and first responders in coping with the aftermath of natural disasters.

By combining AI and a sophisticated GPS phone tracker with community involvement to create a social safety net, the company emphasizes real-time features, access, service and support to differentiate itself from price-oriented safety app companies. Perhaps the largest differentiator is that Ulzi’s app is free. “We believe that safety is a right, not a privilege,” comments Co-founder Maxwell Fong. “After several years of research, development and advise from public safety officials, we are confident that we understand the needs and processes when it comes to personal safety and urgent location assistance. We are proud to offer a common sense approach to safety – connecting people who want to help each other. Leading edge features and best-of-industry skills have been applied to design and development for a fitting solution that integrates with the user’s lifestyle and in the most cost-effective way…free.” The app’s focus is to make safety part of a user’s daily routine through social interactions and notifications. Basically the buddy system. Everyday.

The free app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Touted as “Neighborhood Watch 2.0,” Ulzi is great for college students, parents, work safety, natural disaster zones and everyone/everywhere in between. The initial launch will be released in beta and marketed in collaboration with eight identified California Universities extending to campus Greek Communities, parent groups and then expand nationwide with a major focus on organizations such as Domestic Violence, Violence Prevention, and Dementia cause groups.

Why Ulzi?:

Casual KIT: (keeping in touch casually with friends and family, automatically)

OMW (on my way) scenarios – have you ever you had a friend say that they left the building an hour ago, then 30 minutes later find out they are still on their couch? You can now check to see their exact GPS location, find out if they are in-route and prepare for their exact time of arrival.

The Tinder Date – Your girlfriend goes on a date, of course periodic status updates are a must. When, what, how and where updates to be shared privately and automatically through notification settings. Also, share not only updates on the date, but keep your close connections informed of your location so that they can stop worrying about you.

GNO (girl’s night out) – All girls check in before heading out for the night. Ensure that no one gets left behind either.

Bonus – Never show up at a party before anyone else, since you can see how many of your contacts are already there or in-route.

Awkward: (blind-date gone weird, break-room creep lurking)

Blind date night – no need to ask a friend to call for the save, just activate Ulzi and notifications will be sent to surrounding trusted contacts so that they can physically come to the rescue. You know, because climbing out of the restaurant window really isn’t that safe.

Sketchy: (unlit parking lot after work, strange bar, something doesn’t seem right)

Yellow alert – for when you want to customize who responds in an uncomfortable or escalating situation, notifications can be sent only to your circle of contacts. You can also set notifications if you deviate from planned routes. Don’t do the dark alley alone.

Potentially Dangerous: (walking alone, being left at a party, car breaks down in middle of nowhere near oncoming traffic)

Red alert – for when you want law enforcement and your emergency contacts to know you need help, this will send your exact location to local emergency services. Elderly grandparents and loved ones can keep in touch with the push of a button for simple use.

U Give:

Become a community responder – help out nearby community members who are in uncomfortable situations and need a helping hand by safely offering bystander intervention.

About Ulzi: As a technology company revolutionizing software’s role in personal safety, Ulzi is focused on building safer communities – instead of just safer people. Like the Neighborhood Watch of the past, Ulzi relies on neighbors, friends, and family to keep each other out of weird situations and create safe environments together. But unlike the traditional Neighborhood Watch model, Ulzi facilitates smarter safety practices and notifications with tools built on machine learning, crowd-sourcing and data analysis.

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Starr Hall
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